I.N.N. Newsbreak… …- …-

Reports are coming in from System Edge that an outbreak of unknown origin amoung psi-factor citizens has spread through out the habitats in the area.  Martial Law has been declared and all travel into and out of the sector is restricted.  Globcom, NASDAX 480, Tiberia-UL, and N.U.-Life report no drop in fiscal acquisitions this quarter.

G.M. note:  What this means is that I am restricting the creation of psi using characters.  Why?  Well upon reflecting on the rules I realized that I didn’t want to overload myself yet.  So for now I would like to keep psi in the background as I don’t think I could run it properly without more practice using the basics of the system.  I hope this doesn’t ruin anyone’s character concept (if it does we should talk).  Either way feel free to reply.  

  1. This page, and its potential, makes me really happy! Where did you get the picture? Would this be an appropriate place to post character sketches? or should we do that somewhere else?

    • Chris in Oly
    • August 1st, 2010

    >>**>> FreePressInterweb<>: Reports scapegoating evolutionary psi growth in transhumanity only spread fear and loathing. Should embrace potential evolutionary growth in transhumanity. Crush the Corp! <<**<<


    Completely understandable, but there is at least one background that gives psi powers – my book is not with me at work, so I cannot verify. Did have one of several character concepts with psi in it, but not a biggie – still playing around with the points and stuff and ideas.

    Would not mind leaving it open for future incorporation…

    • greasemonkeymekanix
    • August 1st, 2010

    I think a more appropriate place for character stuff is on the Dossiers page I just made. I was thinking of this site being more of an info dump and story flavor text spot.

    • greasemonkeymekanix
    • August 5th, 2010

    I.N.N. Newsbreak…

    “Earth’s End”!

    N.U. Life CEO and wunderkind programmer, Prisilla Parnell announced today a new expansion for the system wide smash V.R., “Earthcraft”. The upcoming expansion will allow players to further explore the hidden TITAN complex and face off once again against the supreme badass Alpha ZEUS! As with the other expansions available for this game a limited bandwidth upload for the first player to defeat Alpha ZEUS will be able to redeem x-rep for actual earth aritifacts. The new expansion “Earth’s End” will be available for network access late in the third quarter.

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