-Ryan Buck

Back ground: Chimpanzee Uplift

Faction:  Anarchist

Morph: Neo-hominid

Motivations: +Improving tech, +Uplift Rights, -bananas

Traits:  Allies, Ambidextrous, Expert (Aerospace), Black Mark (lvl.2), Enemy


Jack Spurn

-Chris Svara

Character Background

Jack Spurn was a master geneticist back on Earth before, you know. He was a champion of uplifts and engineered several advancements that made them smarter faster and more powerfull – which many Hypercorps quickly removed from their uplifts to prevent them from improving to Human levels – or beyond. While risky, and accused sometimes of producing instabilities, they were just bugs that needed to be worked out. But if you were an uplift looking for an improve biomorph, he was the man to turn to.

Of course, this led to enemies – people who oppose progress. Jack was murdered, and his back up was ‘lost’ in the years leading up to the Fall. Someone, or some organization, used the chaos of the Fall to lose his stack back-up and prevent his resleeving until long after the fall. (Negative Trait, enemy, unknown)

Jack has been dealing with being in cold storage for so long and trying to catch up, but it all seems so improbable – Earth gone, aliens came and went with little impact, jump gates to foreign stars!

Fortunately, Jack kept a fund for his new morph and planned to place himself in an Octomorph to learn how to live as another creature to get better insight in how to improve the species. (Negative Trait Identity Crisis) Plus he has advocated Transhumanity not limit itself to merely bipedal units but embrace full diversity of forms. But the cost has left him broke, and careful to be too prominent since he knows he has been ‘lost’ by others seeking to silence him.


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