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***INfoSTacK UPloAD COrtICalSTacK***


Updated Character Sheet to Spread Morph Bonuses through the Sheet Skill List:


early creepy synthmorph

via Pink Tentacle

Welcome Junk King!

I am glad everyone is now on the plurality.  This site is becoming weirdly in depth and cool.  Is the interface looking alright to everyone?  Are there things people would like to see, or pages people would like to be moved around?  We should maybe talk about this a little bit, so that it’s easy to find what we need and such and such.

Junk King’s first act on plurality was designing a character spreadsheet.  It is awesome.  I am trying to make a link for it here, but my wordpress is failing me, so let me know if it doesn’t work out right.  I linked to the google doc of a spreadsheet, which can be worked on there, or d/led as an excel file.

Click on the picture below to get to your spreadsheet!

Revised Character Sheet