The Effects of Resleeving, as seen through youtube

I’ve embedded below a series of videos from an experiment youtube user Canzona did through the site.  The experiment is called, “I am Sitting in a Video Room.”  He recorded a video of himself explaining that he was sitting in a room, then uploaded it to youtube.  Then he ripped it from youtube, and uploaded this new video copy back onto youtube.  He did this 1,000 times.

As you can see through the series, by 1000 all trace of humanity is gone.  By seeing the first, you can piece together that it was a person moving and talking, but I don’t know if you saw the 1000th video out of context, that you’d have any idea what it was.

This might be an interesting story device for Eclipse Phase.  What happens to us after our 5th or 6th or 1000th resleeving.  What is lost in the process?  Is there any memory loss or ability loss that we aren’t aware of?  What do you guys  think would happen after resleeving countless times, and what kind of situations would you guys want to play out?

I AM SITTING IN A VIDEO ROOM–VIDEOS 1, 50, 200, 700, 1000






a video mix, showing the transformation

    • greasemonkeymekanix
    • August 1st, 2010

    Well for my own part I want to use this against you because I’m a vicious evil bastard who believes only in the nihilistic dystopia that the future is sure to be. However I think that since resleeving is an inherent function of the gaming system it would alter the feel of tranhumanism. I mean just think if you actually had to be conscientious of maintaining your physical manifestation? (rubbing hands manically together)
    Either way consensus sways I’ll run it.


  1. He also does not filter or error check the data, just straight cut and paste type functions – which is hardly as delicate a function as you would expect on a cranial stack. Windows 89.0 has functional suite for data correction and bad scan checks on the cortical stack.

    However, you would expect for some data to lost, transformed, changed, etc in the resleeving process. Also a great hacker could insert/delete/change memories as well. Definately a fear that most transhumanity would have.

  2. Oh I see us resleeving often, but that process is (of course) odd and foreign to me. If it is anything like ripping and copying a file, or making any sort of copy using technology, then what is the technology adding to our new identity, and what of us is being taken away through the process. I don’t mean the physical body, i mean our cloud of consciousness that is being lifted and placed into new bodies all the time. Bugs and quirkcs in that could be interesting.

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